Frequently Asked Questions 


What the hell is coaching? 
It is a forward thinking approach designed to help you unlock whaterver is making you feel stuck so that you can move forward with your awesome life. I've written a blog that tells you all about it and gives you an idea of what to expect if we work together. It also explains what coaching is not (primarily mentoring, counselling or therapy).  

Why do I need coaching?
I firmly believe that EVERYONE can benefit from some quality focus time, that is free of any judgement and fear, to simply explore an idea or unpack something that has been holding them back. It's 100% about you (and that's always nice isn't it?) and may give you the boost that you need to make some significant changes in your life, or go after that pipedream or simply have more clarity on a topic that's been confusing. If you don't enjoy the free chemistry call then we can go our separate ways with no hard feelings (but I've got a feeling you'll enjoy it) so what have you go to lose!?

How the fuck do coaching and photography go together?!
This is a fair question... it's a pretty unique combination! From my experience, most people (even the really confident folks) feel at least a tiny bit self conscious or awkward in front of a camera. There is no getting away from it when someone is shoving a lens in your face (I don't do this by the way, you'll basically forget I'm holding a camera at all) so by using my coaching practice I am able to gently coax you into feeling your most confident and carefree during our session - which results in the most beautiful and natural portraits you could wish for. On top of this, wherever possible I work with my coaching clients by ending our coaching agreement with a confidence photoshoot so they have a tangible and lasting memory of just how far they have come. (this is Covid19 and location depending for the time being)

How does it work? 
Logistically, all of my coaching sessions are held on zoom - I provide you with a meeting link in advance and we chat away during our session in whatever comfy part of our respective homes works best for us! Emotionally, you as the client commit to putting in the work to make the changes and drive yourself forward. You can read more about the coaching relationship and agreement here in this handy document. I do not give you advice, or the answer - I ask the questions that help you unlock this yourself. 

What if we discover that I actually need more support than coaching? 
As a coach I am bound by a code of ethics set out by the ICF and your safety, satisfaction and wellbeing are at the forefront of my mind at all times. If during our sessions we touch upon topics that clearly fall under the counselling or therapy umbrella then I can support you by pointing you in the direction of some resources or contacts that might be useful. I will discuss this with you diringthe session and we can decide whether or not coaching is really what you need at that point in time.

How long does a photoshoot last?
Please allow 2 hours for your session. I shoot pretty quickly, but this allows us plenty of time to cover all bases and incorporate any outfit changes, plus a little bit of warm up time as we get you comfortable in front of the camera!

What does my shoot fee include?
Your shoot fee covers the cost of the session, and the final images within the package you have booked. All final images will be accessed via an online gallery where you will be able to download them.

What if I realise I want more edited photos than I paid for?
I am happy to work up any other images you’d like outside of your set. Each additional final image will cost 10 EUR.

Where will my shoot take place?
I don’t work in a studio which gives us total freedom to shoot wherever you feel most comfortable, either outdoors (weather depending - though the rain can be stunning too!) or indoors. Other than some public spaces there are very few limitations, so the city is our studio!

Can I bring a friend or family member to my shoot?
Absolutely! If you feel more comfortable having the support of a friend or loved one with you on the day then just let me know in advance. Usually I encourage people to shoot alone as it can help to eliminate any self conscious feelings you might have - but I leave this entirely up to you to make the call as you know best what you need.

Do you photograph babies, children or ANIMALS?
No. Generally speaking I do not take family or child portraits. It isn’t my area of expertise and there are some great photographers who do specialise in this. If you are booking a solo maternity shoot with me and you want an older sibling to be involved for a part of it please drop me a note to discuss further. Same goes for a fur baby...

Can I really do nude portraits, is it safe to have them online?
I firmly believe that art nude portraits are one of the best ways to fall in love with yourself all over again. That said, I fully understand the hesitation with having these images online. All of my online galleries are private and can only be accessed by invitation. I will never share these images without prior consent. To add to this, fine art nudes are tasteful and modest. If you request a nude shoot I usually I work with fabric and light/shadow that will be used to cover you, and you can absolutely keep your underwear on if you prefer.

Are the final photos mine forever?
They are indeed! Any final images you have paid for are yours to keep and use. As the photographer I will always retain the copyright to the images, so if they are to be used in a public domain, i.e. on social media, a website or in print publications, then I would ask to be credited (©zerofoxpeople) and please do not edit, crop or alter the images in any way. Finally, I never hand over the original RAW image files. Please contact me if you are not sure or have any questions.

What should I wear?
Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and like yourself. Glam up, dress down, get naked or go full costume - the choice is yours! I wrote a blog about it here!

Is my hair and make up included?
No. It's also not a requirement for a shoot! If you would like to have this service please arrange to have this done before your shoot starts so as not to eat into our shoot time. Likewise, if you know a great hair and make up artist then do go ahead and book them to come along too if it’ll make you feel fabulous. All costs incurred for hair and make up are not covered by the photographer (me) - all costs must be paid for by the client (you).

Do you travel for shoots?
Absolutely! I love to travel, so if you aren’t based in Amsterdam and you’re desperate to book a shoot then get in touch and we can discuss further. Please note that travel costs are not included in the session fee and will be discussed and agreed upon before booking. Additionally I am regularly in Berlin and London so if you are based in one of these cities then drop me an email and I’ll let you know when I am next there.

How long before I get my final portraits?
I know how excited you’ll be to see your portraits after your shoot. I always make sure to finalise 2 to 3 previews as soon as I can so that you’ve got something to share with friends and family within a day or two. Typically your photographs will be ready within 2 weeks but during busier times this might be 3 weeks - I will always keep you informed. Once the shots are fully finalised, I’ll send you an online gallery for you to look through at home where you can download or share with family and friends.

Is there anything I haven’t answered?
If you still have a question that I haven’t yet covered please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer! You can get in touch on my contact page.


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