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Ok, you made it this far... so you must be at least a little bit intrigued about zerofoxpeople!

The idea came from a dream I had one night (I shit you not, I know that's ridiculous) in which I had set up this really awesome community of people who don't usually get the chance to be in the spotlight and show the world how fucking great they are. And I woke up at 3am and then was so excited that I couldn't sleep. I was trying to figure out how I could actually build it with zero experience in this kind of thing, and my brain just kept coming back to portraits and confidence and what it takes to book yourself a session with a coach or a photographer, especially when you don't feel awesome or your most confident, sexy, or worthy (this is where coaching really comes in!).

So many people would never consider a confidence coaching OR a portrait session as an act of self love

It's often seen as narcicisstic or 'a bit much' to invest in yourself in this way. But fuck it. Nothing in life is 'a bit much' if it makes you feel good about yourself. And more than this, the biggest 'love of your life' should be you. 

I had very low self esteem when I was younger, and one year I made it my resolution to say 'yes' to all opportunities that came my way... Now, this was either going to be absolutely genius or a fucking disaster - but luckily for me it was a bit of a breakthrough mentally. I let go of so much anxiety and began to enjoy the unknown, embrace uncomfortable situations and I learned a lot about my own personal boundaries. Why am I telling you this? Because one of the things I said yes to was posing as a life model. I was SO uncomfortable in my own skin that I was terrified of a room of twenty people staring at me stark naked. I was visibly shaking and for the first 15 minutes I wanted to vomit. But as the hour progressed I relaxed into it. I relised that although I was being looked at, no one else was judging me on the things I was so hard on myself about. By the end of the class the artists were sharing their drawngs with me and complementing me on how at ease and natural I looked. This simple change of perspective (theirs vs mine) blew my fucking mind. And not only that, I looked at the artwork and I genuinely saw my body as beautiful for the first time. I love her curves and her angles, her soft bits, and the dimpled bits. I then started to see the beauty in ALL bodies within my own work.

Now, imagine spending a few hours with someone who you know wont be judging you, but instead is just holding space for you to discover who you really are, and is there to support you in trying to find the most beautiful way to be you, and helps you to see for yourself how incredible you are.

That's where I come in!



I studied photography for years at college (and even spent most of my illustration degree using my camera instead of drawing, much to my tutors dismay) and I genuinely love making people feel good about themselves. There is no nicer feeling than knowing that you've just made someone's day by listening, or giving a gentle nudge, or a pick-me-up when they most need it. I've always worked in roles that have ultimately ended up with me supporting others because it's what I love doing. So, this year I have become an ICF ACC coach - with the aim of combining the confidence coaching with portrait photography to create a wonderful and unique experience for anyone who wants and desrves to feel better about themselves. 

Accessibility is a human right. Equality is a human right. Respect and dignity are a human right. zerofoxpeople is also borne out of the lack of these within coaching and portrait sessions to so many people. I believe everyone deserves to invest in themselves, as an act of self love, or defiance, an act of compassion, to help them heal or to help them shine. I also firmly believe everyone can benefit from some form of coaching support too, and this can often be incredibly expensive and therefore not a priority for many. So, my promise is that I will always be accessible and affordable (and if I'm not, call me out on it). You can find out more on my PRICING and FAQs pages. For coaching I work on zoom (unless you're Amsterdam based, then we can discuss face to face sessions) and for the portraits I work primarily outdoors with natural light and will gladly come to you in your favourite place or wherever you are most comfortable as this is where we will get the best shots. This also means I can work to the accessibilty requirements for disabled folks.

If all of that still hasn't convinced you to book in a free 30 min chemistry call, here are some random facts about me you can use as a conversation starter if you like: 

  • I am from Cambridge, but have lived in London, Berlin and now Amsterdam (also New York but that was VERY short lived)
  • I love dogs. In an alternate reality I own a farm where I rehome old dogs to live out their last days...
  • I once ended up lost in a rainforest with a random man and his machette... 
  • I do a lot of drawings to unwind and also really love pottery! 
  • I had a pet barn owl as a kid.



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